It is my privilege to serve as the founder of Arman, everyone in our organization takes pride in serving the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries in IRAN.We apply all of our knowledge, expertise and experience with a focus on providing the best services to our customers. And continuously taking our performance to the next level and raise our customers’ satisfaction. No matter that we are a new name in the market, our quality translates to: "When Arman delivers the product, it works perfectly.

We are a Engineering/supplier company focused on Instrumentation & Control Systems in the field of Oil,Gas & Petrochemical industriesOur goal is to provideprofessional services to our customers, focusing on supplying Instrumentation & Control systems products.We have a work experience in the field of Oil industries and good understanding of our customers’ requirementssuch as quality, standards, fast delivery, after sales services, and more.We work very hard to satisfy our customers by optimizing our products and services.

To be recognized as a trusted partner.

Acting as one of the main player the market.

To be the most successful.

To be a respected supplier.


To be recognized as a trusted partner.

Acting as one of the main player the market.

To be the most successful.

To be a respected supplier.


We focused on Oil, Gas and Petrochemical companies and their subsidiaries due to we are familiar and have long experiences in this field of industries.


Consultation to our customers about last technologies especially in case of production stopping of specific product.Procurement Services, Expediting, Manufacturing or Integration, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), Inspection, Packing, Shipment, Custom Clearance and finally Deliver the GOODs, Installation, SAT (Site Acceptance Test), Starting up, Hand over and Training. Servicing during Warranty and Post Warranty period.Supplying products and systems coming from our principals and partners. Customers supplying on a long term basis with genuine spare parts.


Control System (DCS, PLC), Safety System (ESD), Control Panel, MIMIC Panel, Annunciator Panel, Marshaling Cabinet, HMI, Process Interfaces, Industrial Sensors, Isolated Barriers, Zener Barriers, Signal Conditioners, Fieldbus Infrastructure, Remote I/O Systems, Level Measurement, Purge & Pressurization Systems, Proximity, Photoelectric & Ultrasonic Sensors,, Ex Display Instrumentation, Field Instruments, Control Valve Accessories, Solenoid Valve , Analyzers Packages, On Line Analyzer, Gas Chromatography, Sampling System, HSE System & Equipment, Sounders & beacons, Lighting & Signaling, Loop powered indicators, Vibration Monitoring Systems, Condition Monitoring, Enclosures, Terminal Boxes, Junction Boxes, Local Ex Panels, , High Integration Protection System (HIPS),Boiler Management System (BMS), Flow Metering Station & Proving,F & G System and accessories.


AC Contactor ATEX & IECEx

The AC contactor ATEX & IECEx, is a device designed to control circuits or motor circuits which allow the operation or not operation of the […]

Ex ATEX Safety Switches

Switches Atex Selectors (start-stop), is performed on a stainless steel enclosure anticorrosive according ATEX directives 94/9/EC and 2006/95/EC. They are suitable for use in petrochemical plants, […]

Pressurized panel Enclosure Ex p Peppex PEPPEX SERIES

Pressurized Panel enclosure Ex p, Px, Py, Pz Peppex series allow non Ex elements to be fixed inside, All our manufacturer pressurized Ex enclosures and Cabinets are anti-corrosion made in […]

Inverter Motor Starter Atex & IECEx IP66 MOTREX SERIES

The inverter motor starter Atex & IECEx has been designed to inverter the turn of motor with guarantee and protection in high explosion risk zone. […]

Motor Starter with Thermal Relay Atex & IECEx MOTREX SERIES

This Ex motor magnetic starter (hazardous areas) has been designed to guarantee the correct operation and the protection of electric motors in high explosion risk […]

Motor Starter with Motor Protection Atex & IECEx MOTREX SERIES

This ATEX & IECEx magnetic motor starter has as main purpose to control the switch on and switch off an Ex motor, and besides to […]

Motor Protection Atex & IECEx Hazardous Areas MOTREX SERIES

The Ex motor protection (hazardous areas) has been designed to get in one device the ability to protect one electric tri-phase motor in zones with […]

Motor Starter – Motor Protection Atex & IECEx MOTREX SERIES

The Ex motor protection has been designed to get in one device the ability to protect one electric tri-phase motor in zones with explosives atmospheres […]

Safety and Isolation Switch ATEX & IECEx

The Ex safety and isolation switch, allows to work with a machine being possible to make safely maintaining, cleaning and overhauling work as long as […]

Ex ATEX Safety Switches

Switches Atex Selectors (start-stop), is performed on a stainless steel enclosure anticorrosive according ATEX directives 94/9/EC and 2006/95/EC. They are suitable for use in petrochemical plants, […]

Portable splitter box hazardous areas

The Ex splitter box is designed for use in hazardous areas is  to get two or more sockets as outputs by one current input, allowing […]


The connex disconnectors are designed for hazardous areas, type of protection ‘of ’. The DXN disconnectors are designed for hazardous areas, type of protection ‘of […]

Ex Air Vent Plug Breather and Drainage Valves IP66 VATEX SERIES

Ex Air Vent Plugs Automatic drainage and breather valves are suitable to be used on increased safety, intrinsically safety or watertight enclosures to facilitate the […]

EX Proof Limit switch HAZARDOUS AREAS

The compact Ex proof limit switch is made of antistatic plastic alloy. It has a five types of different external actuators in order to cover various […]


Polyester Control stations,  push buttons Atex 100% configurable keypad to suit you, with atex buttons, atex switches, mushroom, voltmeter, ammeter, bright, and a multitude (custom made) of possible combinations.
Atex […]

Ex ATEX Safety Switches

Switches Atex Selectors (start-stop), is performed on a stainless steel enclosure anticorrosive according ATEX directives 94/9/EC and 2006/95/EC. They are suitable for use in petrochemical plants, […]

Explosion Proof Enclosure Atex EJB SERIES

The explosion proof enclosures EJB series Ex d enclosures are made to be installed in areas classified Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22, where there is danger of […]

Enclosure Junction Boxes with Window EJB SERIES

EJB series junction boxes with rectangular Window are used either as junction boxes with/without terminals or for installation of electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, signals, […]

Pressurized panel Enclosure Ex p Peppex PEPPEX SERIES

Pressurized Panel enclosure Ex p, Px, Py, Pz Peppex series allow non Ex elements to be fixed inside, All our manufacturer pressurized Ex enclosures and Cabinets are anti-corrosion made in […]

Atex junction box GEOEX ZONE 1, 2, 21 AND 22

The Ex Junction Box GEOEx series has been developed for installations in hazardous areas 1, 2, 21 and 22. For installation of signal and power distribution […]

Ex Local Control & Distribution Boxes – CONTREX CONTREX SERIES

Atex Delvalle produces Ex local control stations,  Ex distribution boxes and hazardous area enclosures for use in atex & IECEx areas with flammable gases and dusts. Depending on […]

Plug and socket boxes CONNEX

Atex Plug and socket boxes are designed specifically for cabinets in ATEX zonas 1, 2, 21 y 22, and temperature class T6/T5 areas. Los ATEX […]

Control Stations boxes CONTREX SERIES

Control devices and control units are assembled clearly in control stations Series Contrex. The enclosure is available in brush finished stainless steel. The product range […]

Ex Push Button station Contrex Series CONTROL STATIONS BOXES

We manufacture Stainless steel Aisi 304 & Aisi 316L control station Atex control boxes. They are specially designed to perform checks, maneuvers and as actuators in […]

Panel Meters and Modbus Display.

Datexel manufactures both LCD and LED loop powered indicators and loop powered displays which are powered from a 4-20mA loop. Datexel was one of the first companies to design […]

AC DC Current and Voltage converters

The DAT5023 is Datexel’s range of AC and DC current and voltage converters which are DIP switch programmable. The DAT5023 I is an AC or […]

Signal Isolators

Datexel manufacture a large range of Signal Isolators. The DAT511 is a loop powered isolator with 3000 V galvanic isolation between the input and output. It is […]

Temperature and Process Controllers

The ATR121 Temperature Controller is a 3 digit display PID controller with up to 2 relay outputs, Solid State Output and an option to be […]

Signal Conditioners

Datexel has a large range of Signal Conditioners. We manufacture Thermocouple Transmitters, that are either Head Mounted, Din Rail and we even have an OEM version that […]

Signal Splitters

Datexel manufacture a comprehensive range of process measurement Signal Splitters. The DAT4530 can convert any process signal (Thermocouples, RTD, mV, Voltage, mA Resistance and Potentiometer) to […]

Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters for every application. Datexel manufactures both Head Mount Temperature Transmitters (Hockey Puck Temperature Transmitters) and Din Rail Mount Temperature Transmitters. PC Programmable, IS Temperature […]

Modbus Data Acquisition

The Datexel range of Data Acquisition equipment includes Modbus RTU Masters and Slaves, Modbus Input, Modbus Output Modules, Modbus Isolation Modules and Modbus Repeaters. The […]

Droplet separator as a complete solution

A special performance feature of STRIKO is the design and production of housings and containers including wire mesh droplet separators according to customer specific wishes. […]

Wire mesh droplet separator

Droplet separators are liquid or aerosol separators for a variety of usage areas and can be delivered with and without housing. Design examples round wire […]

Thermo Plate heat exchanging systems

The compact, space saving, double walled designed heat exchanger made from stainless steel, Hastelloy® or titanium is used numerous industrial applications – from chemistry to pharmaceutical to […]

Graphite block heat exchanger for aggressive media

The STRIKO graphite block heat exchangers are impressive with their extraordinary heat conductivity and resistance to temperature changes, even in extreme applications. The main area […]

Double sleeve and multi-tube heat exchanger for highly viscous media

STRIKO heat exchangers are especially designed for tempering viscous to highly viscous media – reliably and smoothly up to a range of 500,000 mPas. The […]

STRIKO STV – versatile gas mixer

A static mixer, equipped with mix elements of type STV, it ideally suited for the homogenous consolidation of turbulent flowing media (gasses, watery liquids). STV […]

STRIKO STX – innovative viscosity mixer

The static mixers of the STX line from STRIKO are especially designed for mixing viscosity and high viscosity media. They can even be used for gassing of liquids. STX – mixing […]

STRIKO Helical and K-Helical – high performance universal mixer

The Helical / K-Helical type mixers are static pipe mixers and ideally suited for the homogenous consolidation of low viscosity, turbulent and laminar flowing media. Helical […]

STRIKO EREstat® – safe grocery mixer

The STRIKO EREstat® is a self-cleaning working static mixer for carbonising and aerating fluids and mixing of different media. Because of the performance features, EREstat® […]

Bursting Disk Equipment with integrated alarms / special solutions

Bursting disk equipment with integrated alarms can be of diverse design. Either an inductive proximity switch is used that works in combination with other metal […]

Full Metal Burst Indicator Type SVT AM

The robust alarm SVT AM is characterised by its suitability for especially adverse ambient conditions. The full metal membrane can be used for temperatures of […]

Low-Pressure Burst Indicator Type SVT AM-L

For application with very low contact pressure, the alarm SVT AM-L is used. Already as of difference pressures of 10 mbar, it reliably shows opening […]

Alarm Type SVT F-ST

In the laboratory and technology systems, bursting discs in the screw holder F-ST are used. In line with and on top of these requirements, STRIKO […]

Leakage Sensor Type SVT 05

The STRIKO leakage alarm SVT 05 represents the meaningful further development and indispensable supplement of the proven STRIKO alarm SVT 02. It is furnished with […]

Burst Indicator Type SVT 02

The cost efficient alarm SVT 02 is recommended for all standard applications in a temperature range from -30℃ to +220℃. The delivery is completely ready […]

Bursting Disk Holder for flat Graphite Bursting Disks G2 series

Bursting disks of the G2 series (G2 & LPG2) are installed in holder HG2 between the flanges. The principal structure of such bursting disk equipment […]

Pre-loaded holder SH Lab for metal bursting discs of the series SF / SZ / SU

The STRIKO pre-loaded holder SH Lab is suitable for all types of STRIKO metal bursting discs and not only available in stainless steel but also in special materials. […]

Pre-Torqued Holder

Types SHF Pro / SHZ Pro / SHU Pro for metal bursting disk series SF / SZ / SU The STRIKO Pre-Torqued Holders are suitable […]

Standard Bursting Disk Holder

Series SH-F / SH-Z / SH-U for metal bursting disks of the SH / SZ / SU series The standard bursting disk holders SHF, SHZ […]

Graphite Bursting disks

Series G3 Types G3-M / G3-MV / G3-A / G3-AV Regardless of the types in demand – the advantages of graphite bursting disks are the […]

Graphite Bursting Disks Series G2 / LPG2

The Bursting Disks of series G2 and LPG2 (LP = Low Pressure) are flat graphite bursting disks for low to medium contact pressures. The advantages […]

Metal one-way bursting disks Series S-EW

STRIKO one-way bursting disks are frequently used for protection against excess pressure in hydraulic systems. When a burst membrane has triggered, the entire bursting disk […]

Metal extruder bursting disks

Series S-EB Types S-EB / S-EB-SVT The S-EB series provides the overpressure protection of extruders as a purely passive safety element in addition to pressure […]

Metal aseptic bursting disks Types SF-M-S / SZ-X-S / SU-C-S

STRIKO aseptic metal bursting disks are especially characterised by their unique dead space free design – pharmaceutical customers or customers from the food industry place […]

Converters, threshold relays and indicators

Thermo-Est offers a wide range of threshold relays (two-wire technique powered by the 4/20 mA loop and four-wire technique with separate power supply) and indicators […]


With our state-of-the-art machinery, we can make mechanically welded or solid drilled thermowells to measure, in order to address your needs. They are available in […]

Special sensors

Thermo-Est sensors are at the leading edge of technology for use in the most extreme conditions. Our services include designing, manufacture, installation of sensors on […]

ATEX sensors

All equipment designed for use in explosive atmospheres is required to comply with the requirements of the European ATEX 94/9/EC Directive. That Directive certifies that […]


The choice of a thermocouple is to be made according to the temperature to measure, its sensitivity, its resistance to pollution or corrosion, interchangeability and […]

Resistance probes

Coiled platinum wire or substrate versions are used over a large measurement range, offering high linearity and remarkable stability. This material is particularly suited to […]

Heating cables

Thermo-Est is a specialist of heating element applications, and can offer you mineral insulated jacketed cables. Standard Thermo-Est products include a large range of heating […]

Environmental Monitors

Remote Leak Detection Single-Point Annunciator – X76RA-4X The Ronan Model X76RA-4X Remote Annunciator is designed to provide remote indication of alarm conditions generated by monitoring […]

Pipe Monitoring

Line Leak Monitor – X76DM-4B The Model X76DM-4B Line Leak Monitor is designed to supervise pressurized product supply pipelines typically existing between underground storage tanks […]

Leak Detection System

Leak Detection System – X76LVC Ronan Series X76LVC is designed to monitor liquid level, vapor density, pressure and hydrostatic pressure. It solid state logic provides reliable visual […]

Containment Monitoring

Alarm Contact Input Module – X76AM The X76AM Alarm Module provides for up to three contact inputs typically from the horizontal liquid level sensors LS-7, […]

Portable Hydrostatic Tester – X76CTM-P

Ronan’s X76CTMP-P is an accurate, portable leak measurement instrument designed to meet and exceed the requirement of hydrostatic testing in service stations. Model Attributes: Lightweight […]

Probes and Detectors

Custom Oil/Water High Level Sensor – HLS-2 Ronan’s Model HLS-2 Custom Oil/Water High Level Sensor is designed to monitor fluid levels within oil/water separators. The […]

Continuous Tank Monitoring

Continuous Tank Monitoring – X76CTM The Ronan Model X76CTM Continuous Tank Monitoring System provides state-of-the-art and highly reliable supervision for hydrocarbon fuels, chemicals and other liquids stored […]

Process Monitors

Process Monitors Ronan’s Process Monitors are systems that include signal conditioning, alarm, digital readouts, and re-transmission of a wide variety of plant and process variables. […]

Intrinsic Safety Barriers

Intrinsic Safety Barriers X57 Intrinsic Safety Barriers are devices which limit the power (energy) that can be delivered from a safe area into a hazardous […]

I/P & P/I Transducers

/P & P/I Transducers Ronan offers complementary products for pneumatic control (I/P) and monitoring (P/I) applications; the X55-600 Series and the X55-300 Series respectively. Both […]

RTD Probes and Thermocouples

Thermocouple and RTD Probes (X40) Ronan RTD Temperature Probes Ronan’s Resistance Temperature Detector X40 Series is designed and manufactured to meet industrial standards for accuracy, ruggedness and high reliability. […]

Loss of Motion Detector

Model X25 Ronan’s X25 Series for loss of motion detection can save you money in operation down time of your materials transporting equipment. The X25 immediately detects the loss […]


X54-200 Series – Standard 2-wire transmitters Ronan’s X54-200 Series products are ideally suited for field mounting in hazardous or general purpose areas and can operate over large […]

Signal Conditioners

The Ronan X51N Series process signal conditioners, transmitters, alarm trips, and combination transmitter/trips, feature the most extensive selection of interface modules while providing component/module packaging […]


Ronan has been a major supplier of high-accuracy and high-reliability calibrators since 1970. In fact, even our first model, the X85, is still widely used, […]

Ronan Measure Main Page

Ronan Measurements Division: Radiometric Non-Contact Measurement Ronan Measurements Division supplies the process control industry with leading-edge radiometric measurement systems that provide non-contact measurement solutions for […]

Protocol Converter (X120-410)

Ronan X120-410 Data Converter Unit provides Protocol Translation between MODBUS, Allen Bradley and Ronan X120 and Ronan X500E Protocols. The unit offers selectable baud rate, flexible input and output ports selection and […]

Mosaic Graphic System – X71

For True Vast Alarm Monitoring recognition (TVAM), Ronan’s intricate and customized Mosaic Graphic Systems would be the choice. Typical applications include industrial processes, power distribution […]


Model X45-100 Indicators The Model X45-100 indicator (seen at bottom of picture) has an engraved nameplate size of 1.43 inches x 2.12 inches. Model Attributes: Names plates available […]

Ultralarm Fault Recorder – X100N

Ronan’s X100N features excellent diagnostic capabilities for resolving the cause of the fault conditions and prevents unexpected shutdowns of plant equipment. It is designed to monitor individual […]

Sequence of Events Recorders

Sequence of Events Recorders – X500F   The Ronan X500F Sequence of Events Recorder provides the Power Generation, Power Distribution, and Process Industries with the most advanced […]

Single Point Annunciator – X19N

The Ronan Series X19N Self-Contained Alarm units provide complete annunciation capability for Nema ۴X or Nema ۱۲ Applications. Each unit contains the necessary logic, status indicator and pushbutton switch for single point […]

Programmable Digital Monitors – X16PDM

The Ronan Series X16PDM features Ronan’s state-of-the-art digital input human machine interface and remote annunciators offered in standard chassis configurations. The Ronan X16PDM was designed for the needs of […]

Visual Annunciator System – X16

The X16 Visual Annunciator System architecture, configured where the electronic modules are remote from the window display, is ideally suited for large systems in power plants and […]


Condensate Steam Distribution  


Portable leak detector. Smallest and lightest equipment in the market, It also includes an exclusive thermodynamic steam trap state analysis function.

Compact Thermostatic Station

Continuous discharge Compact thermostatic station with “Y” filter, , automatic air venting, water hammer resistance, and ability to function in all positions. Classic design with intermediate […]

Compact bimetallic bithermostatic stations

These are balanced pressure bimetallic bi-thermostatic compact stations with independent piston and seat, filter, and an external drainage temperature and load adjustment device. This fine tuning can […]

Special Thermostatic Steam Traps

Thermostatic steam traps include other types of steam traps based on their thermostatic working principle which have a great discharge capacity. Modelos: Magnus 3/25 N […]

Thermostatic Steam Traps

Continuous discharge Thermostatic Steam Traps with “Y” filter, automatic air venting, water hammer resistance, and ability to function in all positions. Classic design with intermediate expansion […]

Bimetallic bi-thermostatic steam traps

Balanced pressure steam traps, with independent seat and piston and an external drainage temperature and load adjustment device, which can be serviced without interrupting the […]


SmartWatchWeb SmartWatchWeb is an advanced remote monitorization system which allows inmediate detection of internal and internal gas and steam leaks in steam traps and valves. It […]

Dry Disconnect Coupling

Dry Disconnect Coupling Dry Disconnect Couplings – designated as well as Dry Break Couplings or Dry Break Couplers – enable fast and safe connection and […]

Top Spot Loading Systems

Top Spot Loading Systems IGATEC GmbH is your competent partner for construction, manufacturing and assembling of loading systems for loading and unloading liquid or gaseous […]

Storage Tank Systems

Storage Tank Systems like floating suction systems, floating roof drainage and skimmers combine pipes with Swivel Joints, which allows a continuous transport of liquids during […]

Folding Stairs and Loading Platforms

Folding Stairs and Loading Platforms Whilst loading of liquid or gaseous fluids, safety of personnel is the number one priority. A secure and convenient access […]

Swivel Joint Scissors

Swivel Joint Scissors combine three styles of Swivel Joints. By doing this it is possible to realize almost every three-dimensional movement. Swivel Joint Scissors are […]

Breakaway Couplings (BAC)

Breakaway Couplings (BAC) and Emergency Release Couplings (ERC) ensure the safe transfer of liquid and gaseous fluids by cutting the fluid transfer loss-free at a […]

Rotary Joints

Radial gaskets Allow a maximum of feasible sealing materials and longer lifetime compared to axial gaskets DUPLEX, SUPERDUPLEX, HASTELLOY, ALUMINIUM… We machine all compatible materials […]

Swivel Joints

Dry Disconnect Couplings – designated as well as Dry Break Couplings or Dry Break Couplers – enable fast and safe connection and disconnection of pipework […]


As an END USER it can be boring to purchase new equipment or finding replacement for an obsolete product, particularly that we know, there is a rigidrestriction on standards, technical specifications, and fast delivery and after sale services in Oil industries. And worse of all, confronting with a supplier whose aim is to cash without paying any attention to your concerns and needs.Our commitment is full supporting you and this is possible only by understanding and following all of your  requirements.We are sure to supply you with the best product at the shortest lead time; it is our earnest desire to establish business relationship with your esteemed company.


As a Vendor, Manufacturer or System Integrator you have taken time and expense to research your market, consider product positioning and the value of the necessary investments. Now, all you have to do is to develop the product.  It means, at first you need to penetrate the VENDOR LIST of END USERs. At second step you need to know about your competitors, and at third step the accurate needs of each END USER. We can help you to pass these 3 criteria.One of our goals is to building a partnership and trusted relationship that allows you to remove the gaps between Vendors and END USERs. We believe our successful business is developed through these long term partnerships.


As a main EPC contractor you should mobilize several teams for a project and sometimes it is not economically viable to assign a team to small part of a project. In this case outsourcing a part of the project can reduce your costs and increase your profit consequently. Joining with a professional and reliable supplier like Arman, can help you to deliver your commitments economically with a higher profit margin.We can save your time and money and increase your productivities.


As a supplier company we are ready to hand shake with other companies as a Joint Venture or Partnership to improve ourselves or collaborate in bigger projects By this way, we can share our strength points to gather to cover our weak points.We have a good understanding of the market and good relations with our customers too. Please feel free to contact us in this case…

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