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RTD Probes and Thermocouples

Thermocouple and RTD Probes (X40)

Ronan RTD Temperature Probes

Ronan’s Resistance Temperature Detector X40 Series is designed and manufactured to meet industrial standards for accuracy, ruggedness and high reliability. Ronan’s accurate, sensitive and stable RTD’s allow temperature measurement and control without cold junction compensation, without special alloy lead wires, without calibration drift and with high output signals and no line noise problems.

General Overview of Product line:

RTD Miniature RTD Probe

This detector is designed to be used in limited space applications.

Straight RTD Probe

A general purpose detector for measurement of surface, liquid or gas temperatures.

Fixed Immersion RTD Probe

A fixed immersion detector for mounting directly into tanks, pipes, process vessels, etc.

RTD Spring Loading Adapter for Use with Type B Probes

Ideal in applications where positive thermal contact is required to provide faster response to temperature changes.


  • Weatherproof  terminal  head
  • RTD Thermowells


X40 Resistance Temperature Detectors & Accessories Brochure

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