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Signal Splitters

Datexel manufacture a comprehensive range of process measurement Signal Splitters.

The DAT4530 can convert any process signal (Thermocouples, RTD, mV, Voltage, mA Resistance and Potentiometer) to a voltage or current output (4-20mA, 0-20mA or 0-10V). Each output can be different and it also has a built in limit alarm which is an SPST relay. The DAT4530 is PC programmable with the aid of the Prodat programmer and the Datasoft software which is available from the Datexel down load page. The DAT4530 is also programmable with the aid of 3 DIP switches which can be found on the side of the DAT4530. There is full isolation between the input, power supply, limit alarm output and two outputs.

The DAT4631A is a Thermocouple and mV Splitter. It can accept J Type, K Type, S type, R type, B type, E type, T type and N type thermocouples and mV from -100mV up to 90mV, with a minimum span of 5mV, -100mV up to 200mV, with a minimum span of 10mV and -100mV up to 800mV, with a minimum span of 20mV. There is isolation between input, output and power supply.

The DAT4631B is an RTD and Resistance Splitter. The DAT4631B accepts Pt100, Pt1000, Ni100 and Ni1000 RTD’s and Resistance from 0 – 2000 Ohms with a minimum range of 50Ohms. The DAT4631B is isolated between the power supply, output, and input. The outputs can be different i.e. channel 1 could be 4-20mA and channel 2 could be 0-10V.

The DAT4631C is a Thermistor and Potentiometer Splitter. The choice of PTC Thermistors is KTY81-210, KTY81-220, KTY84-130, and KTY84-150. The choice of NTC Thermistors is Coster 10K and and Coster 1K. The DAT4631C can also convert and split a potentiometer input into mA or voltage output. Full isolation on the input, outputs, and power supply is standard.

The DAT4631D is a mA and Voltage Splitter. The input of the DAT4631D is either current or voltage in the range of 0-20mA with a minimum span of 1mA or 0-10V with a minimum span of 1V. The DAT4631D provides an isolated output from the input and power supply.

The DAT4631 series is also PC programmable as well as DIP switch programmable and provides all round isolation.


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