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AC DC Current and Voltage converters

The DAT5023 is Datexel’s range of AC and DC current and voltage converters which are DIP switch programmable.
The DAT5023 I is an AC or DC current converter, the input current range is selectable on order from 0-5Amps, 0-10Amps, 0-20Amps, 0-25Amps, 0-30Amps, 0-40Amps, 0-50Amps, 0-60Amps. It measure the current with the use of a Hall effect transducer. There is a coil (current transformer) inside the current converter which is isolated from the current input. The cable passes through the housing of the converter and the coil and the true root mean square measurement is taken from this coil then converted to a standard industrial signal output.
The DAT5023 V has a AC and DC voltage input, it is selectable by connecting the voltage input to the correct terminals. Choose from 0-36 V, 0-80 V, 0-170 V, 0-370V and 0-550V. There is a DIP switch to select either AC or DC Voltage input. The output is also selectable with DIP switches from 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 2-10V, 0-5V and 1-5V. The output current has an option of being passive or active output. The input, output and power supply are isolated from each other up to 2000 Vac. The power supply is between 18 and 30 Vdc and power consumption is less than 90mA.

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