Metal one-way bursting disks Series S-EW

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Metal one-way bursting disks Series S-EW

STRIKO one-way bursting disks are frequently used for protection against excess pressure in hydraulic systems. When a burst membrane has triggered, the entire bursting disk unit is replaced by a brand new component.

Design example
bursting disks series S-EW

S-EW with SF-M

S-EW STRIKO – one way bursting disc


Advantages in the application
  • quick replacements after activation
  • can be delivered in different sizes and forms
  • fragment-free opening behaviour
  • working ratio up to 90%
  • can be solely used for pressure protection or in addition to pressure sensors or over-pressure valves


Material of housing Stainless steel 1.4404
Materials of burst membrane Stainless steels, Inconel, nickel, special materials such as hastelloy
Nominal widths ۱/۴″ to 1″
Burst pressures from 1 bar (g) to ۱٫۰۰۰ bar (g)
Working ratio up to 80 %
Burst tolerance min +/- 5 %
Utilisation temperature range -۵۰ ℃ to +480 ℃
Bursting disk holder not necessary
Vacuum support not necessary

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