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SmartWatchWeb is an advanced remote monitorization system which allows inmediate detection of internal and internal gas and steam leaks in steam traps and valves. It also facilitates and increase in energetic efficiency in steam and condensate networks as well as reduction of greenhouse effect.


This innovative monitorization system has been developed and patented by BiTherm, can integrate up to 4 different sensors: ultrasound, temperature, pressure and conductivity.. The company has made breakthroughs in the industry with products such as intelligent steam traps, and the Intensive Maintenance concept. Backed up by its, R&D & Innovation Department it keeps on pushing forward in order to anticipate the needs of the market.

SmartWatchWeb uses the robust LAMP solution stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL y PHP), Its designed with high scalability and availability in mind. This makes the system safe, robust, powerful, and reliable. It can grow almost infinitely and can be easily integrated with other control systems without affecting the vulnerability of the user’s security protocols.

Intelligent Valves

It is a central piece in the SLDAR (Smart Leak Detection & Repair), methodologies, energetic efficiency projects and CDM (Clean Development Mecanism – Kyoto Protocol), which has been developed with the aim to provide highly efficient solutions which allow projects that are sustainable, respect the environment and climate change,, make a rational and intelligent use of energy, increase facilities’ safety measures, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce and simplify maintenance costs.

SmartWatchWeb has a wide range of applications in the industry: automatic shut off valves, security valves, condensate steam traps, process equipment, joins, bridle, pipeline accesories, etc. SmartWatchWebhas been installed successfully in thousands of equipments, specially in the petrochemic industry and power plants.

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