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I/P & P/I Transducers

/P & P/I Transducers

Ronan offers complementary products for pneumatic control (I/P) and monitoring (P/I) applications; the X55-600 Series and the X55-300 Series respectively. Both use highly reliable solid-state pressure sensors and control elements to provide cost effective solutions with high accuracy, temperature stability, vibration resistance and easy installation and maintenance

Model X55-600 Series – Current to Pressure Transducer

IO X55-600Ronan’s X55-600 I to P Transducers provide dependable and accurate control of air pressures in various robust design packages. The wide dynamic range on the control elements and associated solid-state technology allow the circuitry to compensate, even when passageways become partially obstructed.


The technology and the “hard-to-plug” physical design allow contaminates to “blow through.”


Model Attributes:

  • Low air consumption
  • No pre-regulator required
  • Supply pressure to 120 PSI
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Mount in any position


X55-600 Brochure
X55-600 I&O Manual


Model X55-300 Series – Pressure to Current Converters

IO X55-300Ronan’s X55-300 P to I Convertors convert instrument air pressures to analog current or voltage signals. A solid-state sensor assures you of outstanding linearity, negligible hysteresis, quick response time and excellent temperature stability.

The electronics portion can be removed from the pneumatic base without loss of air pressure, allowing simple calibration and regular maintenance without purging the air lines.

Model Attributes:

  • Simple to install and maintain
  • ۵ ranges up to 100 PSIG
  • Two- or Four-wire Models
  • Insensitive to vibration
  • Mounts in any position


X55-300 Brochure
X55-300 I&O Manual

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