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Control Stations boxes CONTREX SERIES

Control devices and control units are assembled clearly in control stations Series Contrex. The enclosure is available in brush finished stainless steel. The product range includes a wide range of enclosure sizes with different heights.

Atex control boxes. They are specially designed to perform checks, maneuvers and as actuators in explosive atmospheres. They have a rugged, corrosion system and finished in stainless steel. Allowing you to take control of both machines: zones 1, 2 , 21 and 22.

It allows you to perform maneuvers and controls at the machine in hazardous areas and take programming and automation in a safe area. Offering customers a great combination of possibilities and flexibility.

Select the component that best suits your operator panels, keypads, mushrooms, switches, ammeters, etc, and you assemble all with Atex certified, Ex & IECEx and UL.

Select the model push and discover multiple options:

  1. Select the size of the box.
  2. Customize the box with actuators.
  3. Add the Cable Glands.
  4. Delvalle gives the entire project and certified atex

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