Droplet separator as a complete solution

A special performance feature of STRIKO is the design and production of housings and containers including wire mesh droplet separators according to customer specific wishes. […]

Wire mesh droplet separator

Droplet separators are liquid or aerosol separators for a variety of usage areas and can be delivered with and without housing. Design examples round wire […]

Thermo Plate heat exchanging systems

The compact, space saving, double walled designed heat exchanger made from stainless steel, Hastelloy® or titanium is used numerous industrial applications – from chemistry to pharmaceutical to […]

Graphite block heat exchanger for aggressive media

The STRIKO graphite block heat exchangers are impressive with their extraordinary heat conductivity and resistance to temperature changes, even in extreme applications. The main area […]

Double sleeve and multi-tube heat exchanger for highly viscous media

STRIKO heat exchangers are especially designed for tempering viscous to highly viscous media – reliably and smoothly up to a range of 500,000 mPas. The […]

STRIKO STV – versatile gas mixer

A static mixer, equipped with mix elements of type STV, it ideally suited for the homogenous consolidation of turbulent flowing media (gasses, watery liquids). STV […]

STRIKO STX – innovative viscosity mixer

The static mixers of the STX line from STRIKO are especially designed for mixing viscosity and high viscosity media. They can even be used for gassing of liquids. STX – mixing […]

STRIKO Helical and K-Helical – high performance universal mixer

The Helical / K-Helical type mixers are static pipe mixers and ideally suited for the homogenous consolidation of low viscosity, turbulent and laminar flowing media. Helical […]

STRIKO EREstat® – safe grocery mixer

The STRIKO EREstat® is a self-cleaning working static mixer for carbonising and aerating fluids and mixing of different media. Because of the performance features, EREstat® […]

Bursting Disk Equipment with integrated alarms / special solutions

Bursting disk equipment with integrated alarms can be of diverse design. Either an inductive proximity switch is used that works in combination with other metal […]

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