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Containment Monitoring

Alarm Contact Input Module – X76AM

LD Alarm ModuleThe X76AM Alarm Module provides for up to three contact inputs typically from the horizontal liquid level sensors LS-7, the vertical level sensor LS-3, the hydrostatic leak sensor LS-30 and the pressure/vacuum decay sensors JT-2P and JT-2V. The Sensor contacts transfer if liquid is present in the annular space of a double-wall tank, secondary containment pipes, manhole or caisson compartments.

Model Attributes:

  • Front panel mounted LEDs
  • Integral switches allow selection of normally open (sensor contact with no liquid) or closed (sensor contact closed with no liquid) sensor input signal to the alarm module


X76LVC Leak Detection System (X76AM on page 3)

Vertical Liquid Level Sensor – LS-3

LD LS3The Model LS-3 Liquid Level Sensor is most suitable for applications in steel and double-wall tanks. The sensor is positioned vertically, close to the bottom of the tank annulus or at maximum fuel level inside of the tank to prevent overflow.

Model Attributes:

  • BUNA N Float
  • Stainless steel outer jacket
  • Totally sealed switch assembly
  • Single throw contact actuated by float


LS-3 Vertical Liquid Sensor Brochure

X76LVC Leak Detection System (LS-3 on page 3)

Liquid Level Sensor – LS-7

LD LS7Ronan’s custom engineered Model LS-7 Liquid Level Sensor is designed for horizontal orientation applications where access is difficult, such as the bottom of dual-wall fiberglass tanks.

Model Attributes:

  • Highly reliable point level sensing
  • Plastic protected Reed switch
  • Trouble-free performance



LS-7 Brochure

X76LVC Leak Detection System (LS-7 on page 4)

Hydrostatic Reservoir Sensor Model – LS-30

Ronan Reservoir Sensor


The Model LS-30 Hydrostatic Reservoir Leak Sensor is designed to detect changes in liquid level within reservoirs of hydrostatic monitored double-wall tanks. The LS-30 can be installed to provide discrete indications of liquid increase or liquid loss, or provide high either/or low liquid indications.

Model Attributes:

  • Stainless steel, polysulfone, Beryllium Copper and PVC
  • Years of trouble-free service
  • Provide discrete indications of liquid increase or liquid loss, or high either/or low liquid indications


LS-30 Brochure

X76LVC Leak Detection System (LS-30 on page 4)

Pressure/Vacuum Sensor Models – JT-2P & JT-2V

LD JT 2PThe Models JT-2P and JT-2V Loss of Pressure/Vacuum Sensor Assemblies consists of a switch, fill valve and the safety release valve. The units are used to monitor the annulus pressure/vacuum of a double wall tank. The annulus is initially pressurized or evacuated from an external source and sealed. A leak in secondary containment will be sensed by the transfer of the switched if the pressure falls below 1.0 or 1.0” Hg.

Note: Before applying this type of measure, consult tank manufacturer.


X76LVC Leak Detection System (JT-2P on page 4)

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