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Compact bimetallic bithermostatic stations

These are balanced pressure bimetallic bi-thermostatic compact stations with independent piston and seat, filter, and an external drainage temperature and load adjustment device. This fine tuning can be done without interrpution of service. Having independent valve and seat located in an area with reduced flow velocity reduces erosion of the components, thus increasing the steam trap’s life. The condensate drainage is controlled by the two bimetallic thermostats which are continuously adjusting to the condensate loads.

Its working principle confers the steam trap automatic air venting capacity. Due to its design, the bimetallic bi-thermostatic steam trap can function in any position and is resistent to water hammers.

Replacement costs are enourmously reduced due to the independent valve and seat. This altogether with the external adjustment device result in very low maintenance costs.

Bimetallic bi-thermostatic steam traps


The bimetallic bi-thermostatic steam trap can be monitorized continuously and remotely by means of the SmartWatchWeb, (SWW) system. SWW detects anomalies in the steam trap during operation such as possible internal or external leaks, proper condensate discharge temperature. This way energetic efficiency, pressure and backpressure problems in the facility are addressed.

We have several steam trap models available to work optimally under different pressure and temperature conditions: T25, T25 Ti, G25, G25 Ti.

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